We are pleased to announce the selected participants for the Art-A-Hack 2016. Our participants this year are diverse, and come from backgrounds in art, technology, and a range of intersecting feilds.

The 2016 season of Art-A-Hack is a partnership between Thoughtworks, The Volumetric Society and Integrated Digital Media at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Each of these partners brings different areas of expertise to the table to help our teams.

However, as always, the projects are led by the teams themselves. Here is a full listing of each of the 9 teams, with their members:

  1. Virtual Art Gallery
    • Samuel Arsenault-­Brassard
    • Madhu Sivaramakrishnan
    • Ace Ji
    • Marie Patterson
    • Rachel Stevens
  2. Sonic Equations
    • Christopher Edwards
    • Nga Nguyen
    • Julia Barry
    • Laura Mun
  3. Superficial/Substantive
    • Mala Kumar
    • Leonardo Malave
    • Jackson Tam
    • Allie Quintano
    • Linda Raftree
    • David Crawford
  4. Exodus VR
    • Javier Molina
    • Zhen Liu
    • John Portnov
  5. Dual Brains
    • Eva Lee
    • Gal Nissim
    • Aaron Trocola
    • Pat Shiu
    • Gabriel Ibagon
  6. Echoing Ego
    • Gordey Chernyy
    • Mariya Mishurenko
    • Anirudh Dhullipalla
    • Julia Frey
    • Adriana Molello
    • Enki Andrews
  7. Kinect VR
    • Loren Abdulezer
    • Chris Lobello
    • Filip Baba
    • Lisa Russell
    • Wu Qiuyi
    • Zach Krall
    • Pierre Bernard
  8. Afro-Futurism
    • David Tracey
    • Sharon De La Cruz
    • Sadah (Espii) Proctor
    • Debbie Deas
    • Greg Dutcher
  9. Holographic Muse
    • Ria Rajan
    • Sofy Yuditskaya
    • Chris Clapis
    • Fabio Piparo

The teams listed above will come together over four Saturdays this summer, to make something new.

It’s exciting to have the opportunity to bring together so many talented people, and we are looking forward to kicking off the 2016 season in June!