Our final presentations took place on July 11 2015 at Thoughtworks. Besides friends and family, Thoughtworks founder Roy Singham came by to see what our Art-A-Hackers had produced.

Our seven teams were able to showcase the results of four weeks of incredibly hard and well-thought out work.

The themes included Utopia, Imbalances In Tech, Aurora Borealis, Surveillance Culture, The Multi-Faceted Bass, Deep Thought, and Oculus Fiber.

Different rooms were used so visitors could experience immersion inside an Oculus Rift, the social implications of “white privilege”, mind-bending printouts of 3D thought, deep journeys into textile fibers, experiments in social impersonation, a laser-light show, and a musical performance of augmented bass.

Many of our teams works have gone on to be shown in galleries around the country, and we look forward to inviting new team members in for Art-A-Hack 2016.

Thanks to all our wonderful participants for this year’s fantastic show!

We would like to thank our sponsors: Thoughtworks, Microsoft, Origin Magazine, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Media Lab.