This was the last week the Art-A-Hack teams had together before presenting their work at the showcase.

Whereas most teams were putting the final touches on how to present some teams were still deciding what pieces to present and what to leave out. This week we are checking in with a few.

The Superficial Substantive team created a fake pitch deck to help frame their VR experience. The context provided by the deck helps drive their narrative that apps and VR may not be the best solution for social change.

The VR/Kinect team began building a virtual ‘lobby’ to combine the multiple worlds built by different teammates. By utilizing a wireless network to access the Kinect they are able to support multiple players at once.

The Metaverse Art Gallery team already has plans to extend work on their project after Art-A-Hack so they are just polishing up a prototype and thinking about what to present at the final showcase.

These are just three of the nine teams that will be presenting next week. This year was the largest Art-A-Hack in terms of participants and projects and we’re looking forward to all the great work that will be shown next week.