Our open call has now closed, and we’re pleased to say we had an incredible mix of varied and exciting applications for participation!

The Art-A-Hack crew (Ellen Pearlman, Kent Rahman and Andy McWilliams) have put together nine groups that encompass twenty-one people.

The categories and people include:

  1. Wearables and 3D Printing
    Reed Tothong, Kate Sicchio and Aaron Trocola
  2. Neuro Sky, Neuro Projection and EEG
    Aleef Mahmud, Eva Lee and Daniel Padawar
  3. Depth and Multimedia
    Diana Castro, Tyler Parker and Joelle Fleurantin
  4. Performance, Depth and Oculus
    Noah Pivnick and Jason Levine
  5. Oculus, Fantasy World and LED
    Martha Hipley, Sophi Kravitz, and Takafumi Ide
  6. Smart Technology and Environments
    Andrew Ritchie and Chinazo Rena Anakwe
  7. Time and Code
    Kim Fisher and Olga Ast
  8. Public Space and Theater
    Annie Berman and Francisco Javier Molina
  9. Google Glass
    Mark Bolotin and Billy Keefe

Art-A-Hack will take place at Thoughtworks in Manhattan over three Saturdays in June and July. It is not open to the public, but we are working for a venue to show the public the fantastic results.

Thanks to everyone who answered our open call. We hope to sponsor more Art-A-Hacks in the future.