We are pleased to announce the selected participants for the 2015 edition of Art-A-Hack. The participants come from extremely diverse backgrounds with a wealth of complementary talents, ideas and skill sets in both art and technology.

Besides partnering with The Volumetric Society and Thoughtworks, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Media Lab is our newest partner in our endeavor “to come together to make something new.”

The themes listed are driven by the applicants themselves during the open call. The selected collaborators and themes are listed below.

  1. Utopia
    Annie Berman, Lee Tusman, Dave Tennent

  2. Imbalances In Tech
    Linda Raftree, Dmytri Kleiner, Juan P. Botero

  3. Aurora Borealis
    Sofy Yuditskaya, Avi Fox-Rosen, Daniel Tsadok, Norman Savitt

  4. Surveillance Culture
    Katherine Bennett, Julio Montas, Betty Quinn

  5. The Multi-Faceted Bass
    Manwai Che, Rose Kue, Samuel Wells, Gene Kogan

  6. Deep Thought
    Mark Ramos, Rodrigo Palacios, Brian George

  7. Oculus Fiber
    Jessica Graves, Greg Dutcher, Nina Mirhabibi, Rebecca Lieberman

We are thrilled with the collaborators we have been able to assemble and are looking forward to the kicking off the new season!