Art-A-Hack™ Projects

Art-A-Hack™ 2021 Special Edition — Singapore / India Climate Action


Machine learning and responsive sculptural lighting

Under the Shade of a Tree

Geotagging for climate sound walks

Art-A-Hack™ 2020 Special Edition — Covid-19 'DANCEDEMIC'


The perceptual experience of otherness

Walk With Me

Resilience in the face of adversity and chaos

Art-A-Hack™ 2018 Special Edition — City University of New York

The Accessible Brain

A brain-activated space for those with disabilities

Another World

A 360-video and VR experience which says it's not too late

Climate Consciousness

Our time to 2 degrees in major cities around the world

Sentimental Feeling/Second Skin

What happens when technologies interpret our emotional states?

Art-A-Hack™ 2018 Special Edition — Cyfest, St. Petersburg, Russia

Blink of an Eye

Editing a YouTube video in realtime by blinking

Holo Sapiens

Classical imagery made holograhic through intelligent AI

Word Cloud

The tone of speech becomes Russian supremacist imagery

Art-A-Hack™ Summer 2016

Afro Futuristic Carnival

Meet the Goddess Yermaya in virtual reality

Dual Brains

Visualizing empathy with brain-computer interface

Echoing Ego

Interactive performance exploring the concept of ego

Hamlet VR

The world's first Shakespeare play in VR

Kinect VR

Mobile VR just became full-body at room-scale

Magic Mirror

Using your thoughts to control a crystal ball

Metaverse Art Gallery

An art curation platform for the metaverse

Sonic Equations

Exploring the limits of sonic communication

Superficial / Substantive

Solving all the wrong problems with technology

Art-A-Hack™ Summer 2015

Aurora Borealis

Projecting laser heartbeats on the Aurora Borealis

Deep Thought

Translating brainwaves into 3D sculptures

Imbalances In Tech

Access privilege on demand from your phone

The Multi-Faceted Bass

Transforming an acoustic bass cello into a electronic instrument

Oculus Fiber

Explore fabrics in VR as though they were architectures

Surveillance Culture

How much do we reveal about ourselves online?


A tour through the remnants of Second Life

Art-A-Hack™ Summer 2014

Our inaugral Art-A-Hack™ in 2014 is documented in this project report.

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