Art-A-Hack ’23 AI Art In A Time of War at the University of Warsaw/Fulbright Poland

Art-A-Hack 2023 AI Art In a Time of War at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw Poland consisted of 18 participants from Poland, Ukraine and the United States examining issues of AI, memory and trauma in a time of war.

Participants of Art-A-Hack 2023

Using AI Art for 3D Robotic rendering in Unity, AI cinema, and Voice ML (Machine Learning) with a customized style GAN image bank three teams put together rapid prototyping projects exploring war, trauma and loss.

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Art-A-Hack '21 Climate Action Launches With BeFantastic

Art-A-Hack 2021 BeFantastic Together: Special Edition has begun. A cohort of over 60 artists, designers, and technologists from Singapore, Switzerland, South Asia, Germany, and the United States, have come together remotely to focus on the pressing issue of the global climate crisis.

Art-A-Hack and BeFantastic logos

Exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as well as data and networks, Art-A-Hack has brought together a diverse group of global practitioners to create collaborative artworks that amplify voices and rapid prototyping responses to the climate emergency.

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Watch Art-A-Hack “DANCEDEMIC” Live Performances

Over the summer of 2020 two international teams made up of dancers, artists, technologists were incubated by Art-A-Hack, producing two breakthrough dance performances which feature live biometrics in response to lockdown.

Art-A-Hack 2020 Special Edition Covid-19 “DANCEDEMIC” premiered online on Friday August 21st as part of the 39th Annual Battery Dance Festival, which this year was fully virtual for the first time.

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Announcing Teams for Art-A-Hack Special Edition 2018

We are pleased to announce the selected participants for Art-A-Hack Special Edition 2018. For this year’s summer program we have divided teams into two parallel tracks, exploring issues of climate change, brain-computer interface and artificial intelligence.

This special edition of Art-A-Hack is a partnership between Thoughtworks, The Volumetric Society, the Human Impacts Institute and the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). Each of these partners brings different areas of expertise to the table to help our teams.

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Results Coming Together on the Fourth Day of Co-Working

Diligent work and problem-solving resulted in major progress during the fourth day of hacking.

Mapping out strategies and connecting the dots resulted in overcoming technical difficulties. Team members remained committed towards a best-practice solutions-oriented focus.

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Hacking Continues on Day 3

Despite obstacles and technical problems, the teams strove to come together to make something new.

Some teams reached the breaking point, but everyone managed to stay focused.

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Program Partners