We are pleased to announce the selected participants for Art-A-Hack Special Edition 2018. For this year’s summer program we have divided teams into two parallel tracks, exploring issues of climate change, brain-computer interface and artificial intelligence.

This special edition of Art-A-Hack is a partnership between ThoughtWorks, The Volumetric Society, the Human Impacts Institute and the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). Each of these partners brings different areas of expertise to the table to help our teams.

You can learn more about how this year’s Art-A-Hack is structured via the Open Call. The call closed on May 8 at midnight, after which the applications were sorted and filtered to create the following six teams:

Track #1: Climate Change, Data & Disinformation

  1. Data Transformation
    Can data drive pressure for systemic change?
    • Azucena Romá
    • Linh Sinh
    • Sofía Suazo
    • Assel Dmitriyeva
  2. Climate Consciousness
    How does climate change play into human psychology, and vice-versa?
    • Andrew McWilliams
    • Anny Chang
    • Amay Kataria
    • Yidan Zeng
  3. Another World
    There is no (physical) Planet B
    • Lisa Russell
    • Lerenzo Malcom
    • Zishan Ahmed
    • Joseph Huaynate
    • Kira Davies
    • Ellen Lo
    • Debbie Deas
    • Brian Sandilands

Track #2: Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligence & Brain Computer Interfaces

  1. The Accessible Brain
    Re-imagining the Interface of Brain-Computer Interface
    • Dana Frayne
    • Balam Soto
    • Shirin Anlen
    • Sonia Li
    • Laura Mun
    • Siana Altiise
  2. Sentimental Feeling
    Can we analyze the sentiment of your thoughts?
    • Ellen Pearlman
    • Ivy Danxiaomeng Huang
    • Kate Tolo
    • Cynthia Hua
    • Danni Liu
    • Maggie Cao
    • Doori Rose
    • Sarah Ing
  3. Second Skin
    Wearing your heart on your sleeve
    • Cynthia O'Neill
    • Nicole Cabalquinto
    • Fernando Orellana

We are very excited to be working with so many talented people, and we are looking forward to kicking off this special edition in June!