Our teams completed their second day of collaboration on their art and technology projects.

Day Two brought out tension and forged new alliances resulting in creative breakthroughs.

Unlike our previous iterations of the Art-A-Hack program, the second day was on the Sunday, directly after the first day of hacking on Saturday.

This means that the teams had the context fresh in their minds, and were ready to take off straight away when they arrived. However, it also meant that the teams did not have a week of ‘buffer time’ in which to process and move forward with their ideas.

This is an interesting dynamic within the program structure as we have adapted it for Cyfest in St. Petersburg for 2018.

Some teams were able to make great strides forward during this time, and we were very impressed with the overall tone and direction of progress.

At the same time tensions were high as projects went through growing pains. Teams hit the practical realities of engaging in a short, high-impact program like Art-A-Hack with collaborators from a range of disciplines who have never met before.

By the time everyone departed, a great deal of ground had been covered. Teams who experienced fractures found new and creative ways to move forward and keep the creative juices flowing.

Next week is a packed weekend with two consecutive days of hacking. Watch this space for more.