A team from Art-A-Hack™ 2018 Special Edition — City University of New York

Team members:

  • Dana Frayne
  • Balam Soto
  • Laura Mun
  • Siana Altiise
  • Sonia Li

The Accessible Brain team created an accessible space for people with disabilities to craft sounds and visual effects.

The team's presentation and demo at the 2018 showcase

The team made a simple data visualizer that responded to brainwave activity, as well as to the movements of the head and neck, that could be used by people with limited mobility.

Working with the Muse EEG brainwave headset, the team monitored two “mind states” of meditation and attention, which were mapped to custom controls in their app. For example, leaning left slowed the visuals and attributed sound, where leaning right accelerated both.

A recorded performance of the work

Leaning forward lowered the octave of sound with no change to the visual display, while leaning back or returning to an upright position brought the sound and visuals back to their initial state.

The team was able to successfully show a proof of concept project that can be developed further for those with accessibility and motion impairment.

The team performing during the Art-A-Hack final presentation
The team at the Art-A-Hack final presentation