A team from Art-A-Hack™ 2021 Special Edition — Singapore / India Climate Action

Team members:

  • Gaetan Boisson
  • Kapilan Naidu
  • Sarwesh Shah

The international Supratrajectory team remotely collaborated from Singapore, India, and the US to design an enviroment whose immersive visuals were generated by machine learning. Responsive sculptural lighting was triggered through audience’s movements as they embarked on a speculative journey into the future.

A rendering of the 360° projection space with responsive plinths of light
A rendering of the 360° projection space with responsive plinths of light

Supratrajectory invited viewers to contemplate - within the confines of a 360° projection space - the destructive trajectory that unbridled technological progress has placed humanity on - in order to explore a future where our continued existence (born from privilege) relies on discovering new potentially habitable planets.

A visual harvested from raw satellite imagery
A visual harvested from raw satellite imagery

The team used generative-adversarial-networks (GANs) to translate raw satellite data into rapidly unfolding images of imagined extraterrestrial landscapes.

The installation unfolded through four chapters: The Natural World, The Reign of Man, The Great Egress, and The New Dawn. Each chapter provoked contemplation about humanity’s current impact on the earth and its implied trajectory leading to a next phase.

Supratrajectory invited viewers to witness the effect that unbridled technological progress will continue to have on our home planet. When will we wake from its carefree slumber? Where will we draw the line? Where will our collective (in)action leave us in 100 years? Will the lucky few be forced to totally abandon Earth for a better life amongst the stars?

On November 18th, team members presented their prototype at a virtual livestreamed showcase of collaborative artworks by all program fellows. The showcase was divided into themed presentation rooms – Supratrjectory was situated inside Room 3: Trans Disciplinary Practices.

The team's presentation and demo at the 2021 showcase

Art-A-Hack™ 2021 Special Edition — ‘Climate Action’ received generous support from the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (New Delhi), Goethe-Institut / Max Muller Bhavan (Bangalore), and incubation from Thoughtworks Arts, and in partnership with Supernormal (Singapore), In The Wild (Singapore) and Dara.network (USA) and BeFantastic (India).