We are pleased to announce the selected participants for the Art-A-Hack Special in St. Petersburg for 2018.

This special edition of Art-A-Hack is a partnership between Thoughtworks, The Volumetric Society and Cyberfest. Each of these partners brings different areas of expertise to the table to help our teams.

Here is a full listing of each of the teams and members:

  1. Word Cloud
    • Marina Blinova
    • Michael Ptitcyn
    • Sonya Nelyubina
    • Denis Protopopov
    • Alex Goncharenko
  2. Hologram
    • Kseniia Galkina
    • Leonid Gavrilov
    • Dmitrii Akhmetdiev
  3. Blink of an Eye
    • Yulia Gulkhova
    • Maxim Kernozhickii
    • Marat Shaidulin
    • Viktor Kudryashov

We are very excited to be working with so many talented people, and we are looking forward to kicking off the 2018 special in January!