Week 2 of Art-A-Hack 2015

The pressure was on for our second week as teams delved into their individual and group projects together.

Collaborations, breakthroughs and excitement, as well as exasperation, frustration and general angst came to pass. Yet, by the end of the day, the teams rallied ready to tackle another week of hard work.

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Week 1 of Art-A-Hack 2015

The excitement was palpable as everyone gathered round to gear up for week 1 of Art-A-Hack.

The teams divided into seven groups exploring subjects as diverse as fashion technology, brain-computer interfaces, and audio engineering in sub-zero environments.

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Announcing the 2015 Line-up for Art-A-Hack

We are pleased to announce the selected participants for the 2015 edition of Art-A-Hack. The participants come from extremely diverse backgrounds with a wealth of complementary talents, ideas and skill sets in both art and technology.

Besides partnering with The Volumetric Society and Thoughtworks, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Media Lab is our newest partner in our endeavor “to come together to make something new.”

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Journey Presentations at Livestream Public

Having completed our first round of hacking, our teams walked us through their journeys at the awesome new events space Livestream Public in Bushwick.

Each team presented on-stage and showed us some of their outcomes and demos. Thanks to Livestream we have archived video of the whole show.

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A Report on Art-A-Hack 2014

Our first group of artists and hackers have completed the inaugural season of Art-A-Hack. We’ve had some exciting twists and turns, and the teams will be demonstrating their work at the Livestream Public building (formerly 3rd Ward) on Saturday.

We’ve posted a full one-page write-up of all the team’s activities, or you can flick through the summaries below and click to individual team pages.

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Photos from Week Three

Check out the photos from week 3! In this week many teams were finalizing their ideas, and reflecting on their process. At the end we had a showcase and discussion about the nature and future of Art-A-Hack!

We are looking forward to showing off our results in the upcoming showcase!

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