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Note: The deadline for this call has passed and submissions are no longer being accepted.

Announcing Art-A-Hack™ Special Edition CYBERFEST 2018, taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia - a collaborative creation between groups of artists/engineers, designers/makers, or whatever combination arises based on your project proposals.

Previous years of Art-A-Hack included inventions, installations, collaborations, performances, which you can learn more in our project write-ups and presentation videos, read in the report, watch in the live-streamed video or see in the blog.


This year our partner is CYBERFEST of the CYLAND MEDIA ART LAB, St. Petersburg, Russia, and promises more fantastic opportunities!

Are you interested in taking part? To apply now, please read the Open Call below and send your ideas to [email protected]. We really want to work with you!

Make sure you are available to take part on the dates of January 21, 22, 28, 29. If you cannot commit to those specific dates then please reconsider your application. Send us your ideas, we'll team you up with like-minded souls, and you can blast off into the stratosphere together.

The deadline for applications is December 7, 2017 - early applications are very much appreciated.

Open Call

Here's the deal: we will provide space for two weekends (10am-6pm) in January (January 21, 22, 28, 29), equipment, facilitation and advice, and stellar showcase opportunities.

During two weekends we will co-create at a site provided by the festival. There will be a pre-event social on January 17, as well as presenting finished prototypes at CYBERFEST 2018 in February.

How to apply

To apply, send your ideas now to [email protected]. This year’s topic is “Weather forecast: digital cloudiness”. Describe a project idea you want to try, the technologies you'd like to get into, or the skills you have to contribute. If you are an artist and do not have tech skills, that is ok. Conversely, if you are a programmer and don’t have any compelling ideas, that is ok as well. If you have any special equipment you can contribute, we welcome you to tell us. When we receive your applications, we will match you up with others to help you achieve your ambitions.

Please include info on any technical tools or programs you know, or a project proposal you have. If you want to focus on a subject area or social issue, let us know. Each year we group people together around the most compelling proposals. This means your specific idea may not be selected, in which case we will try to find you a team and a project which matches your skills and interests.

This is an ad-hoc process, and we can't always match everybody to teams, but we work hard to create aligned teams and have had great results from the process.

Dates for your calendar

Here's a list of scheduled dates to mark off in your calendars. Please make sure if you are going to apply that you are available for all of the listed dates!

  • December 7 (midnight)— Deadline for applications
  • December 20 - Announcements of participants
  • January 17 (6pm-9pm)— Pre-event Social
  • January 21 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 1
  • January 22 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 2
  • January 28 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 3
  • January 29 (10am-6pm)— Co-creation Day 4
  • February 3 (6pm-10pm)— Presentation at Cyberfest 2018

Equipment you can use

We have all kinds of equipment available, just for the asking!

3D Printer

Body Interface

  • Kinect 1, Kinect 2
  • Intel SR-300 RealSense Camera
  • More on request


  • Arduino (LilyPad, Uno, etc)
  • Raspberry Pi 2 & 3
  • Various shields, sensors, actuators, components (we can order more if required)

Presentation Facilities

  • Projectors
  • Plasma screens
  • PA/Sound system

This is just a partial list, and we will be adding more equipment before the start of Art-A-Hack. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anna Zavediy
Production coordinator
CYLAND media art lab
Contact: [email protected]

Ellen Pearlman
Director Thoughtworks Arts Residency
President Art-A-Hack
Director Volumetric Society of New York
Fulbright World Learning Specialist in Media, Art and Technology
Contact: [email protected]

Andy McWilliams
Director Thoughtworks Arts Residency
Director Art-A-Hack
Director Hardware Hack Lab
Contact: [email protected]