Social Kicks Off Art-A-Hack at Cyberfest 2018

Art-A-Hack special edition for CYFEST 2018 kicked off tonight with an informal meeting in central St. Petersburg at the Dead Poets Cafe.

Artists, programmers and other creative practitioners, all from Russia, met each other for the first time, and started discussing their project ideas in preparation for the first workshops this weekend.

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Photos from Final Week

This was the last week the Art-A-Hack teams had together before presenting their work at the showcase.

Whereas most teams were putting the final touches on how to present some teams were still deciding what pieces to present and what to leave out. This week we are checking in with a few.

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Team Check-In from Week Three

At the halfway point of Art-A-Hack teams reach a critical point where they iterate on initial ideas. We’re checking in on the teams working out of the Thoughtworks office this week to see what their projects look like now at this mid-point.

Sonic Equations Sonic Equations Sonic Equations Sonic Equations

‘Sonic Equations’ initial idea was to explore the frustrations around not being able to communicate clearly. After talking through ideas and influences they decided to create a physical installation and knew a game-like experience would be a good way engage people.

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Photos from Third Week of Hacking

One of the themes starting to emerge in week 3 was the limits of technology. What happends when technology goes wrong?

Both the Sonic Equations team aswell as the Substantive / Superficial team found themselves working in this general domain.

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